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Saizen Wipe Out Sale: 15 Days to Go!

Several blogs have mentioned the Wipe Out Sale that Saizen is having for this month of August. I decided to go out and take advantage of this sale. Here are the things I’ve purchased for myself, for Php 58 (~$1.29) each:

I’ve been waffling whether to get these bowls since the start of the sale. I thought, hey why not? I could always use more bowls. And if I go through with my plan of actually using the oven, these are perfect for baked pasta and rice dishes. I bought 3: the blue one for The Man, and pink ones for me and the little princess.

Who doesn’t like high socks?

I found these cute felt bento bands on sale and decided to get both the bunny and the panda. I didn’t get the third one (chicken) because it didn’t really look much like a chicken.

This red bento band was not grouped with the rest, so I didn’t see this until the last moment.

Aside from these, I also bought the following at regular price (Php 85) each:

Yes, more bento bands! Why not? This one is a little less wacky and more “professional” looking.

I had been wanting to get these onigiri molds since the branch in Trinoma opened. Good thing I got it, since it was the last piece.

I bought this jar for the sole purpose of holding a stock of soba sauce. Here you see I already brewed up a batch.

I also bought this new 2-tier bento, which is very small. This will go well with the bento bands I bought.

The thing here is, I didn’t realize that Saizen will be holding a special event on August 20-22 at the Robinson’s Galleria Atrium until I read this. Maybe I could have held out before buying those last 3 items at full price. At present the sale features mostly plastic containers, some crockery and other food receptacles, some beauty items, and other household products.

What have you bought so far?

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Saizen is in Trinoma!

:happy dance:

Yes, that’s right. My favorite 100-yen store is now in my favorite mall! Saizen sells all items at Php 85 (~$1.84) regardless of size. The most important thing is that Saizen sells a lot of bento and cooking equipment not found in the other 100-yen stores. I already have bought some items from Saizen before.

Here’s my loot:

Okay, this is not exactly bento equipment. This is a plate specifically for holding and serving cold soba noodles. The wooden mat serves to both absorb the excess moisture as well as lets water drip onto the plate underneath. This also comes in a pure black theme, but I got the red-and-black since most of my plateware is also red-and-black. I’m thinking of getting a second (and maybe a third) soba plate, just in case I need it.

Yes! I finally got myself a nori cutter. I haven’t tried it out yet and see how this actually performs, but I have high hopes. The interesting thing about this cutter is it actually comes in a set of eight cutters (separately bought, of course). I chose cutter number 5, the bunny cutter. I plan to get cutters 1-4 and 6 as well, and skip the last two. The last two are a ship and a car respectively, which is not useful because my daughter isn’t into vehicles at this stage. Too bad Saizen does not have any kao (face) cutters, so my bentos will go faceless for now.

Lastly, I also bought a set of sauce containers. These are basically small plastic containers with lids and comes in different colors and designs. I have so far been reluctant to take pictures of my bentos with sauces because I’ve been using ugly sauce containers. Now, I will no longer be ashamed! Freedom! :3

Here’s a picture of those three items unwrapped. There are several other items that I am planning to buy: bento boxes to add to my collection; additional picks; the other cutters as I mentioned; onigiri molds; and cookie cutters.

Since I’m already in the process of sharing pictures of my loot, let me show you two new bento boxes I bought from two other merchants.

This is a two-tier bento I bought from Japan Home (another 100-yen store). It is quite small, and it comes with its own bento band and chopsticks. I’m planning to use this little bit a lot, to help me control my portions better. My other boxes are much much larger than this one. I bought this one for Php 88 (~$1.90).

Is it hard to imagine who this bento is for? The moment I saw this bento I knew I had to get it for my little T. The only problem I have with it is that it’s HUGE. It might not fit in her lunch bag, but we’ll see. I bought this one at Clipper in Trinoma for Php 99 (~$2.14).

Disclaimer: These items are bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. I have not been paid in any way to advertise by these merchants.

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New bento boxes!

My newest hobby these days is cooking. Specifically, cooking for packed lunches, also known as bentos. I also like the different types of lunch boxes available out there, and I would like to grow a respectable collection. Prior to this, I had only been using standard plastic containers like Lock n Lock.

I found these beauties at the department store in Trinoma. Who would’ve thought they sold quality bento boxes?

The first box is a two-tiered green box with a hidden compartment for a spoon and fork set. Alternatively you can replace that with chopsticks. The box itself seems pretty sturdy and leak-proof, so there will be no fear even if you put this in your bag along with other belongings.

This second one is a three-tiered pink-and-white set with an accompanying spoon in the first layer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have its own compartment for utensils. However, this is designed to be carried on its own, as the pink part already acts as a carrying handle. As you can see in the picture, the plastic is not that thick.

I am excited to try them out!

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