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Bento # 11 Sushi by request

A couple of weeks ago Tee asked if she could have some sushi to bring to school because it’s her favorite. Doting mommy of course could not say no.

We have some cheese hotdog flowers, hotdog octopii, and of course, the snake of cheese sushi.


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Sushi attempt number two and then some

Today I made another attempt at making sushi. This time I tried some variations. Here’s what I came up with:

The nigiri-sushi in the upper portion are made using the mold that I bought recently. I’m not 100% satisfied with it because it used up an insane amount of rice for just a few pieces, and I needed to improvise on the strip of nori that goes around each piece. I made double-striped one on the right side with the leftover rice.

I was also able to make thinner sushi (all of the ones under the double-striped piece) by using half a nori sheet and only one kind of filling. Here I made two sets, one with tamagoyaki inside (the yellow ones on the right) and one with kani inside (the ones at the bottom). I also made two sets of the fat sushi I made before (the ones under the lone nigiri-sushi).

Along with that plate of sushi, I made a huge batch of mushipan. Mushipan are basically steamed bread-cakes that the Japanese eat as an afternoon snack (merienda). Usually it’s served hot with toppings like maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or even marmalade or jam. I’ve determined that it’s actually fine eaten cold and by itself and is perfect for bento.

I made my mushipan using silicone cups instead of a colander as most steamed bread recipes use. The bigger square shaped ones are roughly twice as big as the small circular ones (because it used twice the amount of batter). I’m still in the process of finding the right sugar content; the original recipe called for a small amount and is almost bland. This batch I made had 1.5 cups more sugar, but still Gaeb says it could use a bit more. Tesla liked it, though.

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Made sushi today. Didn’t come out too badly, I think.

Crabstick and egg sushi rolls. Made 4 rolls total with 2 cups of sushi rice, 2-egg tamagoyaki and around 8 sticks of kani.

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