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Restaurant Review: Sandwicheese Katipunan Ext.

Finally, another review post! It’s been a while.

My husband and I went out in the late afternoon for some errands. Since we have not eaten lunch yet, we decided to stop on the way south at Sandwicheese, located along Katipunan Extension. Sandwicheese is of the same company as Banapple, I think, and is in fact located near the first Banapple branch. We have always wanted to try Sandwicheese but was never able to find the correct timing. Finally we found a perfect time, and it was not crowded since it was some time between lunch and dinner.

We each ordered their house blend iced tea (Php 60 each). It was the same iced tea that Banapple serves, and it was great although it was not very big. They also gave us a glass of cold water each, without being asked.

We also ordered the Banapple Potato Salad (Php 90) to share. This is a salad we’ve been ordering whenever we eat at Banapple, so this is nothing new. It is basically a carrot and potato salad tossed with a cream dressing (mayonnaise based, my husband thinks) and is spread over a bed of lettuce. I love this salad.

Another side we ordered is their thick cut fries (I forgot what it was actually called, and forgot the price as well!). We just got the plain one, but you have the option of getting flavored fries. It came with a small container of blue cheese I think. In my opinion this is their weak link, as I didn’t like their fries. They seemed too starchy, and seemed pretty redundant considering we already have potatoes in our salad. I gave most of my share to my husband.

My husband ordered their Drippin’ Roast Beef Sandwich (Php 160). He seemed a bit disappointed that it was only a six-incher, but once he took a bite of it he immediately changed his mind! It was delicious! The beef was cooked perfectly and was very tender. The gravy was plentiful, and very tasty.

I ordered the Cheesy Roast Beef Sandwich (Php 160), which was identical in every way to the Drippin’ except for a layer of cheese pimiento underneath the roast beef. And, presumably, it has less gravy. I have to admit that I enjoyed this sandwich very much, and lamented that I couldn’t finish all of it. I would definitely be coming back to get this sandwich again. My husband, on the other hand, didn’t like the cheese pimiento (I gave him my leftovers, hehe!) and preferred an all-gravy topping.

One caveat of eating the roast beef sandwiches is that one must be prepared to eat with her hands. It was a bit messy eating the sandwich, and the fillings kept sliding out. They do have a nice bathroom to wash in, so getting clean again should not be a problem. It’s not a really expensive place, in my opinion, and getting flavorful sandwiches seems to be worth its price. The place itself is also very small, can probably serve about 5-6 groups of 4. The parking is very tight, since it has to share with the stores beside it.

Summary: Great food and service, fair price, small place and relatively bad parking. Definitely worth going back to! Check out their menu at their facebook page.
Food: 10
Service: 10
Ambiance: 7

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Restaurant Review: Homerun Trinoma

Homerun Hotdogs is a recent discovery we made earlier this month. It is a food stall located in the second floor food court of Trinoma, sandwiched between Pao Tsin on the left and Maru Maru (a new Japanese food stall) on the right. Homerun isn’t a new stall or anything, but for the longest time we haven’t tried that because they almost always never have any customers. We recently developed a craving for hotdog sandwiches, and Homerun seemed like a good candidate.

Our first try left a very favorable first impression, that we ended up going back a couple of times more. We were able to try all of their sloppy joe offerings, and all types of their hotdogs (regular, frank, Hungarian) except the cheesedog. Here are pictures of what we ordered the last time we went there.

Texas BBQ Regular – It had ground beef and tomatoes as toppings, and their barbecue sauce. This was just an okay sloppy joe.

Hell’s Kitchen Regular – It looks remarkably like the Texas BBQ one, with the same ground beef and tomato toppings. In addition, it had some red pepper slices, and hot sauce. It tasted better than the Texas BBQ since it was spicier. This is The Man’s personal favorite.

Triple Cheese Frank – As the name suggests, it has three kinds of cheese topping: a bottom layer of melted chizwhiz, a generous sprinkling of grated processed cheese (like Eden), and around 3-4 strips of cream cheese on top. I chose franks because it’s supposed to be made of beef, and the regular hotdog was pork (I avoid pork as a rule). This is my favorite.

The other types of sloppy joes not pictured are: New York Supreme (tomatoes, onions, pickle relish toppings), Heart Stopper Supreme (bacon and egg toppings; yes, egg!), and Garlic Cheesesteak (ground beef, cheese, and garlic toppings). Garlic Cheesesteak is my next favorite. Heart Stopper is just weird with that egg topping. New York Supreme is good because it has pickle relish, but bad because the onions aren’t cooked enough (almost raw!).

The sloppy joes were quite filling and satisfying taste-wise, especially our favorites. For Php55 per sloppy joe with regular hotdog, it’s not a bad dinner choice. The Man considers two sloppy joes more than enough, and for me, one already hits the spot. Upgrading to franks will cost Php79, while getting the Hungarian sausage will cost Php89 (the most expensive type). The service is well enough; since there’s almost never any lines, you’ll get your order relatively fast. They fry the hotdogs and ground beef and toast the bread, so the sandwiches are served hot and fresh. They offer you your choice of condiments: mayo, ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. The Man usually asks for everything!

We get our drinks and side dish elsewhere, though. Since Homerun is located in a food court, there’s nothing stopping us from ordering other stuff from the other stalls. Our mainstay side dish is this big order of fries topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and melted cheese from the neighboring Slammers Burger.

  • Summary – A great inexpensive place to get great hotdog sandwiches, served fresh and hot. Make sure to say that you’re dining in (if you are), so they’ll use those nice yellow plates instead of the default cardboard box. Sayang sa trees! Depending on your dining time, it might be a little difficult to get seats.
  • Food: 9
  • Service: 8.5
  • Ambiance: 5 (well it’s a food court!)
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Kyaraben # 7: The Maiden and the Hydra and Bento # 2: Sandwich and Tamagoyaki

I got a new baby in the kitchen: a dedicated tamagoyaki pan, again bought from my favorite 100-yen store Saizen.

I tried it out last week with the 4-egg tamagoyaki recipe. I was expecting to end up with a massive tamagoyaki roll, but after using about half the egg mixture the pan refused to accept any more and spewed out the roll. I think it has something to do with the height of the pan. Anyway I ended up with two really nice and neat tamagoyaki rolls which looks a LOT better than the rolls I used to make that went into my sushi. I used up one roll to make a sandwich-and-tamagoyaki bento, which also includes a couple of fish cake skewers and some norimaki rice crackers.

The shape and the height of the roll inspired me to make a kyaraben which was perfect for Bento Summer School Homework # 7. The body of the maiden is the entire uncut tamagoyaki roll, which I placed on top of a thin bed of rice mixed with commercial furikake. I used more white rice for the head, shaped using the top of an onigiri mold. I still have no nori face-cutters so I had to cut out the eyes and mouth by hand. The maiden’s arms and the hydra’s tentacles are all made from halved vienna sausage. The maiden’s hair is made from julienned squash which I steamed and sprinkled with salt.

I shared this bento with two of my officemates last Saturday. In short notice, both the maiden and the hydra have been vanquished!


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Kyaraben # 5: Octopus vs Bear

This is my entry to Bento Summer School Homework #5. It’s all about sandwiches! What a perfect excuse to brighten up T’s baon!

My octopus is made out of an entire chicken hotdog, while the bear is cut out of a cheese sandwich (with a cheese belt). Accessories include flower carrot cutlets, shaped mini-mushipan, and some chocolate and strawberry goldfish. The faces are made of raisins.

She took a peek at the bento in the morning before school and predictably enough, she wanted to eat it right away. :3

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