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Salmon Teriyaki

After a long hiatus, finally I was able to find the time to cook! I wanted to surprise The Man with a special dinner, and what a great timing to have found this interesting teriyaki salmon recipe from Budget Bytes! I especially liked this recipe because it had a sriracha-mayo sauce. I adore sriracha!

I didn’t really change anything with the recipe, so go ahead and check out the original recipe. Perhaps the only thing worth mentioning is that I used two 250g packs of Norwegian Salmon (bought from SM Hypermarket at North) and I marinaded it for about an hour. The slabs weren’t very thick, so when I was cooking the sides they kept tipping over. Here’s a picture of the finished product, with the sauce.

As you can see, the top two slabs were kind of burnt, but in actuality they’re pretty good. It didn’t taste at all burnt, but rather the teriyaki sauce caramelized on the salmon so it was pretty sweet. These were the first two slabs I cooked, the bottom ones were the last and ended up slightly rare. Here’s a close up of the salmon.

There were some leftover marinade left, so I decided to throw them in a pan to reduce a bit more into a sauce. I also cooked a batch of Seth’s sopas as a side dish, which I thought went pretty well with the teriyaki.

Overall I think this is a pretty nice and easy dish to prepare. The only drawback is that the salmon is not really cheap, around Php200 ($4.80) for each 250g pack, so this cannot be prepared on a regular basis if one is saving money. On the other hand, we had a whole slab left over (from the four slabs prepared), so theoretically this dish can feed maybe four adults and a child more than sufficiently.

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