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Week 22 of 52: Vegetable Side Dishes

From a recent trip to the grocery, I have a big stash of vegetables that I needed to use up before they go bad. Some of them went into the baked spaghetti I made last week. Some of it will go to making another big batch of veggie soup concentrate, and most of the carrots and potatoes will become carrot kaldereta. That will leave me a bit more carrots, as well as a huge batch of tomatoes, and I need to get rid of them asap.

For the carrots, I turned to my trusty source Just Bento, and found this very easy no-cook recipe for Carrot-Sesame Salad. It was also a convenient outlet for the kinchay/parsley that I thought I needed for the baked spaghetti. I used a cheap plastic/metal grater to quickly grate the carrots into big but short strands.

For the tomatoes, Appetite for China posted a similarly easy no-cook recipe for Sweet and Sour Tomatoes. It called for shallots, but I had none so I skipped it entirely. It also required cider vinegar, but I thought that the rice vinegar I use for making sushi rice would make a good substitute.

I served both of these side dishes during lunch where we also had kamameshi rice and shake-n-bake chicken wings. It created a wonderful contrasting taste to both the rice and the chicken, as the tomatoes were sour and the carrots were very sesame-y. The sweet-and-sour sauce for the tomatoes were a bit too much for only 3 medium tomatoes; it might do better with four or five tomatoes the next time I make this. There was also some leftover carrot-sesame salad, which I doled out into two silicone cups and put into the freezer to be included in a couple of my future baon.

There weren’t enough of the tomatoes to have any leftovers, so I’m not really sure how they would fare as baon. I’m thinking that I’d probably separate the tomatoes and the sauce, and just toss them together when I’m about to eat the actual baon.

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Bento # 6/7/8 Soba Trio

It was a week of soba goodness!

Soba Bento 1 – Sausage flowers, mushipan hearts, a bed of lettuce, and soba; soba sauce in separate container not pictured

Soba Bento 2 – Boiled carrot sticks, lettuce, two kinds of hotdogs, soba condiments in individual containers (shichimi togarashi, some furikake), and soba; again, soba sauce in separate container not pictured

Soba Bento 3 (somen, actually) – The last of the soy chicken, lettuce and tomato salad, hardboiled egg with nori bunnies, somen, and soba sauce in separate container


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Bento # 3/4/5 Soy Chicken

I attempted to make soy chicken a few days ago during my rest days, using more or less this recipe. I was fairly faithful to both the ingredient list and the method, with a bit of fumbling with the star anise and the cinnamon. I also used 1.5 white onions instead of 2 scallions, and sake for the dry sherry. The broth smelled heavenly while I was cooking. I used 4 small chicken legs and 4 rather small chicken breast fillets. It came out pretty good, when I ate two of the legs during my lunch featuring somen.

I decided to feature the breast fillets in two bentos, one for me and the other for my daughter, who had a very early morning class because of Linggo ng Wika (Note: linked article is in Filipino; the google translation isn’t that bad, except for Rizal’s quote which turned out to be hilarious).

In Tee’s “Mr. Bear” bento, I put a heart-shaped onigiri, surrounded by slices of half a small tomato, some of the breast fillet, and half a log of tamagoyaki.

I used a 2-tier bento for my baon for that same day. The bottom tier held furikake rice, while the top tier has lettuce lining, one and a half small tomatoes, the other half of the tamagoyaki log, and the rest of the breast fillet. This combination was so good that I decided to make a better-looking salad in my baon the next day.

This time the pre-tossed salad is in the bottom tier, while the top tier had lettuce lining, furikake rice, and two soy chicken legs. Instead of tamagoyaki, I just made a regular 1-egg cheese omelette. It was great! In hindsight though, I could’ve included some kind of salad dressing.


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