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Save prep time! Pre-portion your frozen goods

One of the secrets to successful daily creation of baon is efficient preparation. If you can lessen the things you have to do in the morning before you leave for work, the more time you can dedicate to styling your baon. Here’s one simple tip: pre-portion your frozen goods into your chosen portion size before freezing. This way, you will only have to take out the portion/s that you’re going to use for your baon. It will take a lot less time to defrost, and it will reduce the risk to the rest of the food due to refreezing.

I made this little guide for your use, since I had this 1-kg packet of cocktail hotdogs ready for pre-portioning.

1. Determine your serving size. It really depends on what you are pre-portioning and for whom. From previous experience, I have determined that 4 cocktail hotdogs are enough for one serving, either for me or for my daughter.

2. Place one serving in a sandwich bag (does not have to be ziplock). Fold the sandwich bag such that the food is completely enclosed. Try to squeeze out as much air as possible.

3. Repeat #2 until you’ve used up all the food from your bulk package. Don’t worry too much if the remainder is less than your serving size. You can either bag it by itself, or distribute it to some of your other packets.

4. Place all of your single-serving packets into one big ziplock bag. Again try to squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing. Place in your freezer.

And you’re ready to go! Just take out one serving packet the night before you’re going to use it, and put it in the ref to defrost. By morning it should be nicely defrosted and ready to be cooked. No more waiting for the entire package to defrost before you could pull out only a couple of hotdogs. No more accidental spoilage because of all the defrosting and refreezing. I do this to all sorts of food: hotdogs, ham, chicken nuggets, chicken breast fillets, fish cakes, even rice. The only disadvantage to this method is you’re going to be using a lot of plastic, which is not really good for the environment. I do my part by reusing the ziplock up to 3 times in this manner before throwing it (not the sandwich bags though!).


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