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Week 35 of 52: Bread cups

This week I cooked up a batch of Chocolate Chunk cookies and as usual, I had to figure out what to do with the three yolks I had left over. Usually I would whip them up into a caesar salad dressing, but I didn’t have any salad materials on hand ready. I decided I’ll make some sort of snack from bread shaped into cups. I got this idea from Home Cooking Rocks.

Basically I cut off the crusts off four slices of loaf bread and flattened them out with a rolling pin. I spread some melted butter on both sides then very carefully arranged them into a muffin pan. I actually tore the first slice slightly, but I plowed on ahead anyway. On two of these bread cups I sprinkled some white sugar. Into the oven they went (nicely preheated from baking the cookies) and baked until I could see the sides of the cups browned. Off they went onto a plastic tray to cool.

In the meantime I heated up a pan with the leftover melted butter and a drizzle of olive oil. I sauteed half of a large white onion until limp, then added a small can worth of sliced button mushrooms. I left it to cook while I took those three leftover yolks, added another whole egg, about a fourth of a cup of fresh milk, a bit of shredded cheese, and some salt, pepper, and dried thyme and beat them all together. After the mushrooms and onions were in the pan for about five minutes, I poured in the egg mixture and scrambled them all up. I made sure to keep stirring the contents so the egg will cook evenly. It came out very yellow of course, with four yolks. Once the egg was well cooked, I scooped out some, filled the two bread cups without the sprinkled sugar, and topped it with a bit more shredded cheese.

Onto the other two cups I placed some sliced tropical fruit from Del Monte I think. I wanted to see how the bread cup idea would work with dessert type arrangement.

The mushroom-onion-egg bread cups were very tasty. It’s very filling even though it didn’t have any meat. I think this will do well as a side dish, or with enough bread cups it may even do for an entire meal. My husband liked this too. The fruit-filled bread cups were okay, but a little jolting. I guess it wasn’t really a usual arrangement since the fruit wasn’t baked into the bread. It wasn’t really bad per se, but I don’t think it will be repeated.


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Week 3 of 52: Banana Cake

My fondest memories of banana cake is the one made by my maternal grandmother. I remember helping her mash the bananas with a fork when she’s preparing banana cake, with me standing on a chair to reach the counter. I would dare say that it IS still the best banana cake I’ve tasted. Unfortunately, my grandma no longer remembers the recipe, and she has lost her notebook of recipes. I’ll have to muddle about on my own to try recreating that elusive perfect banana cake.

On my search of banana cake recipes, I found this one by Marketman. Actually, that link provides two recipes, and I followed the first one. The other one had nuts, and I wasn’t in the mood for nuts at this point. I was more or less faithful to Marketman’s recipe, but for three changes: 1) I used two bananas, instead of just 1.5; 2) I used wax paper to line my bread pan, instead of buttering it; and 3) My oven’s peculiar setting let me use 338F, instead of 325F. This is how it looked like, fresh out of the oven:

I “inherited” this bread pan from my mom, along with the rest of her baking gear of old. Her oven no longer works, so she will not be using them anymore. I got more molds and pans, and most importantly, I also received her electric hand mixer which I’ve been using through all my baking adventures.

Going back to the banana cake, this is how it looked like unmolded:

Beautiful looking loaf! I like the fact that it fits so well in this serving dish, haha! I promptly cut a slice, so I can check how it looks like inside.

Very nice! It looked more or less like the banana cake of my childhood. Now the question is, how did it taste? It was… good, actually. The bananas can be clearly perceived, and the bread itself wasn’t heavy. However, it wasn’t quite how my grandma’s banana cake tastes like. It needs to be a little bit sweeter, and to have more bananas per bite. The next time I’ll bake a loaf, I’ll use 3 bananas and maybe a full cup of sugar. Actually, probably I’ll use a mix of white and brown sugar, because this one seems a bit lighter in color than my grandma’s.

Grandma’s Legendary Banana Cake…… I’m almost there.


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