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Baon Diary (July 9-13)

A new week! Let’s see what we have. Oho! And I got a full ten pictures too, woo!

July 9

Recess: Hello Panda, grapes, Smart C juice in a lidded Nido tumbler

I forgot to chill some drinks for her this day, and unfortunately the bottle of Smart C wouldn’t fit in her lunch bag so I just transferred it to a lidded tumbler so she can still have juice.

Lunch: Spam and cheese sandwich, cut in four

I remembered to use my old bento picks to keep the mini-sandwiches together.

July 10

Recess: Monde Eggnog, grapes, Chuckie chocolate drink

When she got home today, she complained that the grapes tasted weird, so we had to throw it out.

Lunch: Fried chicken thigh, rice

July 11

Recess: Monde Eggnog, Nissin Wafers, Chuckie chocolate drink

No fruits in today’s lunch. We have not yet been able to buy more fruits, so I gave her an extra snack item to make up for it.

Lunch: Sliced tapa, tapa fried rice

Most of the rice went back uneaten. I think she doesn’t like fried rice all that much.

July 12

Recess: Monde Eggnog, apple, OMJ Apple flavor

Fruits are back! Unfortunately, we seem to have gotten a not-so-tasty batch of apples (this was a different store than where we usually buy fruits) and her apple came home almost whole except for one bite. Her dad and I tasted the apple and verified that it was inferior to our usual apples. I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the apples, as I’m sure none of us would want to eat any of them. Stewed apples come to mind. Do you have any suggestions?

Lunch: Sliced baked porkchop, rice

July 13

Recess: 2 pcs Nissin Wafers, Chuckie chocolate drink

Lunch: Sliced fried chicken thigh fillets, rice, grapes

It was reported that the lunch came home uneaten. This is understandable because she was again rushed to the clinic for high fever. We came home to her with an over 38degC fever which rose over the night. It was scary, but thankfully she got over it by morning.


That was a pretty bad hullabaloo with the apples (they were crazy expensive too!), but I do plan to salvage what I can out of it. Maybe I can make a pie.. [Update! I’ve made stewed apples and cinnamon with those failed apples. They came out great!]

I’m also thinking that there seems to be not a lot of variety in her lunch, and definitely not at all any vegetables. These definitely need to be addressed. I’ll see what I can do to improve it next week.

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Baon Diary (July 2-6)

Got delayed in uploading this. I have all the pics and stuff, but I just didn’t have the time to compose and upload the pictures. Alright, let’s get on with this.

July 2

Recess: Bread Pan (green), Apple, Chuckie chocolate drink

I’ve also included a shot of her water bottle. She has this along with her baon, so she doesn’t really have only her chocolate drink/juice drink to hydrate her all day.

Lunch: Sliced baked porkchop, rice

July 3

Recess: 2 packs Nissin Wafers, grapes, Chuckie chocolate drink

Lunch: 3pcs chicken nuggets (cheesy), rice

July 4

Recess: Monde Eggnog snack, grapes, Chuckie chocolate drink

You’ll notice her bag color is now pink. This is because she forgot to bring home her green lunch bag and left it in her school bus. Thankfully, we bought extra packs of the OMJ 6-pack with free lunch bag, so I did not immediately panic when she didn’t bring home her green bag. It made me realize that it’s a good idea to have spares (bag, box, utensils).

Lunch: 2pcs fried spam, rice

July 5

Recess: Fita Crackers (9pc), grapes, OMJ Apple Flavor

Lunch: 3 pcs chicken nuggets (cheesy), rice

July 6

Recess: 2 packs Nissin Wafers, grapes, OMJ Orange Flavor (?)

Lunch: 2 pcs spam (?), rice


Well, it has happened finally. I have forgotten what I had sent her last friday (July 6), so the entries there are not 100% accurate. I only have vague recollections, and only remembered that we had pepperoni pizza bread for breakfast. I would of course remember it if I took pictures, but I didn’t! Noo…

I also realized that the Fita crackers may be too much for recess, since there are 9 pieces in that pack. As far as I know though, she returned that day without leftover crackers, so she either ate them or gave them away to her classmates.

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Baon Diary (June 25-29)

Going strong. Hopefully I won’t falter along the way. My husband helps too!

June 25

Recess: Frootees Mango Flavored Shortcakes with Honey, Apple, OMJ Apple Flavor

Lunch: Sliced spiced ham, rice

I’ve included this shot of the front of her lunch box. It’s actually a freebie from buying a six-pack of OMJ juice drinks. Very nice and serviceable! We went ahead and bought two more of these in other colors (since she’s going to be getting OMJ in her baon anyway!) and you will get to see it in the weeks ahead.

June 26

Recess: Monde Egg Nog, apple, OMJ Orange Flavor

Lunch: Barbecue baked porkchop sliced, rice

June 27

Recess: Jack n Jill Animal Bites, apple, Alaska Choco chocolate drink

Lunch: Baked porkchop sliced into strips, rice

June 28

Recess: Monde Egg Nog, banana, Alaska Choco chocolate drink

Lunch: Fatless tocino, rice

June 29

Recess: none!

Lunch: none!


We have discovered that she has been having a hard time opening the OMJ bottles, so she was asking her teacher to open it for her during recess. With this report, I now have started preopening the bottles that I put in her baon. Of course I reseal it, loosely enough so she could open it herself, and tight enough to not spill.

She ate everything this week except for the banana. She told me she doesn’t like eating “wet bananas”. I think I am better off giving her hard fruits like apples or grapes or pears.

On Friday she didn’t have baon because we decided not to let her go to school that day. We were summoned by the school clinic the day before, because she had gotten a fever. We wanted her to rest at home and not get a relapse, hence the no baon day. She’s gotten better quickly and is pretty much back to normal.

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Baon Diary (June 18-22)

New week! My daughter is on a full schedule now, so she gets a serious lunch as well as food for recess.

June 18

Recess: Apple, Hello Panda, OMJ Apple Flavor (Oh My Juice)

Lunch: Tapa, rice

June 19

Recess: Voice cracker sandwich, two slices of cheddar cheese, Alaska Choco chocolate drink (tetra pack)

Lunch: Fried chicken leg, rice

June 20

Recess: Jack n Jill Animal Bites, apple, Alaska Choco chocolate drink

Lunch: Baked porkchop sliced into strips, rice

June 21

Recess: Voice cracker sandwich, apple, OMJ Juice Drink (flavor?)

Lunch: Bacon and cheese sandwich sliced in two halves

June 21

Recess: 5 pcs puto with cheese, OMJ Juice drink (flavor?)

Lunch: 1 jumbo hotdog sliced into rounds, two slices cheddar cheese, 1 pc Gardenia bread


I feel I gave her too much rice on the 20th. She came home with half her rice still in her lunch box. She also didn’t drink all of the chocolate drink that day, and the interior of her lunch bag was drenched in it. >_<

As you can see, I ran out of energy starting Wednesday and didn’t get to take pictures of her baon anymore. I should make it a habit to go down to the kitchen with my phone so I won’t forget to take pictures.


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Baon Diary (June 14-15)

My daughter has recently started school (she’s in Grade 1!) and I’ve decided to be the one to do all her baon. I will be documenting her baon so that 1) I have a convenient record of it; 2) I can track which types of food she likes/dislikes; 3) I can track whether I am giving her healthy food or just giving in to convenience; and 4) my readers can get ideas on what to give their own children for baon.

Hopefully I can get pictures to go along with this diary, but since her classes now starts early there will be times I won’t have accompanying photos. Another thing to note here is that I give her food for both recess and lunch breaks (unlike last year where she only had recess food).

June 14

Recess: Jack n Jill Animal Bites, Alaska Choco chocolate drink (tetra pack)

Lunch: Rice, 3 pcs fish cake (shaped bunny, fish, and shell), 6 pcs grapes

June 15

Recess: Bread Pan (small pack), Alaska Choco chocolate drink (tetra pack)

Lunch: Apple


For the first week she did not have a full day schedule so there isn’t a lot of food. She did not like the fish cakes. She really liked the apple. She ate everything else.

As for the preparation, I set an alarm about an hour before the school bus arrives. I prepare baon for the first thirty minutes, then in the next thirty I wake up the daughter, get her dressed, and eat breakfast. Most of the time though I go through two snoozes of my alarm, and end up with only 15-20 minutes for baon preparation.

Comments and suggestions are definitely welcome! I would love to hear about your ideas for a kid’s baon, or what you prepare for your own kids.


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