Couple of chicken fillet experiments

25 Nov

So I got some time to cook last week, and I’ve been hankering to try some baked/roast chicken recipes. Unfortunately I only had skinless chicken thigh fillets at the moment, so I decided on these two.

First up, garlic-and-sugar roasted chicken fillets from I like how easy it sounded, and it didn’t seem very odd to substitute thigh fillets for the breast fillets. I used about half the recipe, so 2 tbs of brown sugar and 2 garlic cloves, for about 4 thigh fillets (I thought 2 thigh fillets is equivalent to 1 breast fillet). Here’s what came out:

It came out surprisingly juicy, and one can clearly taste the sugar in it. Unfortunately, there may have been too much sugar. Chicken should probably not be that sweet. I will try variations of this recipe until I get the right mix.

The second dish is bacon-wrapped chicken rolls, from Allrecipes this time. I had a pack of Earle’s bacon to try out, and this seemed like a perfect dish. I used three of the largest thigh fillets I had. Unfortunately I didn’t have a meat mallet, so I made do with a flat cheese grater! Of course it didn’t really do too much and the fillets didn’t really become any flatter. I also didn’t have any fresh herbs, so I just used my dried herbs (sage, thyme, and basil). I rolled the herbs and chopped garlic into the fillets, wrapped a bacon slice around each, and secured with a toothpick. Here’s how it looked:

As there were only three rolls, and the other baking dish I had was much too big, I decided to roast some vegetables along with the bacon-chicken rolls. I chopped up some potatoes, carrots, and an onion, sprinkled a generous amount of olive oil on them, and topped with salt, pepper, and a bit of dried rosemary. Here’s a picture of the roast veggies along with the bacon-chicken rolls.

All I can say is, damn it was good! The chicken was juicy and the bacon went really well with it. Perhaps the two things I would change for the next time is a bit less herbs (since after all, I was using dried!) and maybe a longer baking time (I baked it for only 45 minutes).

I love cooking. 😀

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