Baon Diary (July 2-6)

11 Jul

Got delayed in uploading this. I have all the pics and stuff, but I just didn’t have the time to compose and upload the pictures. Alright, let’s get on with this.

July 2

Recess: Bread Pan (green), Apple, Chuckie chocolate drink

I’ve also included a shot of her water bottle. She has this along with her baon, so she doesn’t really have only her chocolate drink/juice drink to hydrate her all day.

Lunch: Sliced baked porkchop, rice

July 3

Recess: 2 packs Nissin Wafers, grapes, Chuckie chocolate drink

Lunch: 3pcs chicken nuggets (cheesy), rice

July 4

Recess: Monde Eggnog snack, grapes, Chuckie chocolate drink

You’ll notice her bag color is now pink. This is because she forgot to bring home her green lunch bag and left it in her school bus. Thankfully, we bought extra packs of the OMJ 6-pack with free lunch bag, so I did not immediately panic when she didn’t bring home her green bag. It made me realize that it’s a good idea to have spares (bag, box, utensils).

Lunch: 2pcs fried spam, rice

July 5

Recess: Fita Crackers (9pc), grapes, OMJ Apple Flavor

Lunch: 3 pcs chicken nuggets (cheesy), rice

July 6

Recess: 2 packs Nissin Wafers, grapes, OMJ Orange Flavor (?)

Lunch: 2 pcs spam (?), rice


Well, it has happened finally. I have forgotten what I had sent her last friday (July 6), so the entries there are not 100% accurate. I only have vague recollections, and only remembered that we had pepperoni pizza bread for breakfast. I would of course remember it if I took pictures, but I didn’t! Noo…

I also realized that the Fita crackers may be too much for recess, since there are 9 pieces in that pack. As far as I know though, she returned that day without leftover crackers, so she either ate them or gave them away to her classmates.

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