Baon Diary (June 25-29)

02 Jul

Going strong. Hopefully I won’t falter along the way. My husband helps too!

June 25

Recess: Frootees Mango Flavored Shortcakes with Honey, Apple, OMJ Apple Flavor

Lunch: Sliced spiced ham, rice

I’ve included this shot of the front of her lunch box. It’s actually a freebie from buying a six-pack of OMJ juice drinks. Very nice and serviceable! We went ahead and bought two more of these in other colors (since she’s going to be getting OMJ in her baon anyway!) and you will get to see it in the weeks ahead.

June 26

Recess: Monde Egg Nog, apple, OMJ Orange Flavor

Lunch: Barbecue baked porkchop sliced, rice

June 27

Recess: Jack n Jill Animal Bites, apple, Alaska Choco chocolate drink

Lunch: Baked porkchop sliced into strips, rice

June 28

Recess: Monde Egg Nog, banana, Alaska Choco chocolate drink

Lunch: Fatless tocino, rice

June 29

Recess: none!

Lunch: none!


We have discovered that she has been having a hard time opening the OMJ bottles, so she was asking her teacher to open it for her during recess. With this report, I now have started preopening the bottles that I put in her baon. Of course I reseal it, loosely enough so she could open it herself, and tight enough to not spill.

She ate everything this week except for the banana. She told me she doesn’t like eating “wet bananas”. I think I am better off giving her hard fruits like apples or grapes or pears.

On Friday she didn’t have baon because we decided not to let her go to school that day. We were summoned by the school clinic the day before, because she had gotten a fever. We wanted her to rest at home and not get a relapse, hence the no baon day. She’s gotten better quickly and is pretty much back to normal.

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