Baon Diary (June 14-15)

19 Jun

My daughter has recently started school (she’s in Grade 1!) and I’ve decided to be the one to do all her baon. I will be documenting her baon so that 1) I have a convenient record of it; 2) I can track which types of food she likes/dislikes; 3) I can track whether I am giving her healthy food or just giving in to convenience; and 4) my readers can get ideas on what to give their own children for baon.

Hopefully I can get pictures to go along with this diary, but since her classes now starts early there will be times I won’t have accompanying photos. Another thing to note here is that I give her food for both recess and lunch breaks (unlike last year where she only had recess food).

June 14

Recess: Jack n Jill Animal Bites, Alaska Choco chocolate drink (tetra pack)

Lunch: Rice, 3 pcs fish cake (shaped bunny, fish, and shell), 6 pcs grapes

June 15

Recess: Bread Pan (small pack), Alaska Choco chocolate drink (tetra pack)

Lunch: Apple


For the first week she did not have a full day schedule so there isn’t a lot of food. She did not like the fish cakes. She really liked the apple. She ate everything else.

As for the preparation, I set an alarm about an hour before the school bus arrives. I prepare baon for the first thirty minutes, then in the next thirty I wake up the daughter, get her dressed, and eat breakfast. Most of the time though I go through two snoozes of my alarm, and end up with only 15-20 minutes for baon preparation.

Comments and suggestions are definitely welcome! I would love to hear about your ideas for a kid’s baon, or what you prepare for your own kids.


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2 responses to “Baon Diary (June 14-15)

  1. Cristine

    June 20, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    Yes, right a Baon Diary! Great idea Trichelle. Perfect for parents and kids will love how us parents prepare their baon for them. Even if they are in school, they will still feel that we are with them through their baons which we planned and prepared specially for them. Very inspiring post! I will try to prepare one as well so I will prevent preparing the same set of baon frequently.

    • baonkobento

      June 21, 2012 at 4:23 PM

      That’s one of my main concerns too. I wouldn’t deny that T- is a very picky eater, and would definitely thrive on different baon everyday. It’s not really hard to prepare baon as long as there are leftover food from the night before.


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