Week 25 of 52: Cooking for the folks!

30 Jun

I didn’t do anything new this week, because I made a special day of cooking massive amounts of food for my folks during one of my rest days. My dad’s digestion has become a bit delicate, and won’t accept anything too oily anymore. I decided to make some stuff that aren’t oily at all. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, and wasn’t able to take pictures of the food I made.

I took a quick grocery run before going to my parents’ house; luckily there’s a nice supermarket on the way. I bought a bunch of carrots, some onions, a bit of ginger, a half kilo each of ground pork, ground chicken, and frozen shrimp, and a pack of dumpling wrappers. All of those cost a total of Php450 (~$10.35). I also brought with me my cooking sake, mirin, and my really nice grater.

The first dish I made is a huge batch of shrimp siu mai (recipe from Just Bento). I made two batches, one using half the ground pork and the other using half the ground chicken. I forgot to bring my sesame oil, but that was fine because I didn’t really want any oil in my dishes anyway. It went into my mom’s huge new steamer (I was the buena mano user aka I was the first to use it!).

While the siu mai was cooking, I started on my second dish: stewed chicken and carrots which I did before. I unfortunately misremembered the amount of ground chicken needed. I thought I only needed the remaining 1/4 kilo, but it turns out I needed a full half kilo. My mom had some more ground chicken, but it was frozen, and there was no time to wait for defrosting. I decided to just substitute with the remaining 1/4 kilo of ground pork instead.

The siu mai finished steaming just as I was ready to start stewing the chicken/pork. There might have been too much of the pork, too much carrots, or too little of the broth, but it was a bit of a tight squeeze. The cooking came to its predictable conclusion, and I served those two dishes with a bit of my stocked mediterranean soup and some vegetable kaldereta.

My folks were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food, I think. Luckily my brother arrived early to partake of the dinner. I heard that the leftovers went into my dad and my other brother’s baon for the next few days. Sulit!


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4 responses to “Week 25 of 52: Cooking for the folks!

  1. Cristine

    June 30, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    Ganyan talaga when people get old ang daming bawal. I attended a seminar about roots and tubers and I learned the wonderful things camote (sweet potato) can do to our lives. One speaker is a cancer survivor and her secret is eating boiled camote everyday and changing her lifestyle. There maybe other healthy dishes we could do with camote aside from boiling. Nanay and I love to eat camote specially the yellow one.

    • baonkobento

      June 30, 2011 at 3:11 PM

      Interesting! I still have to get up the courage to try other vegetables like camote. I have seen a lot of recipes that involve camote and I’d like to try those one of these days.

      • Joyce

        June 30, 2011 at 5:22 PM

        Try camote fries or turon made with camote for a change. That’s what Lei served in their house before. 🙂

  2. baonkobento

    June 30, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    Joyce: Hi! Yeah that’s a great idea! 😀


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