Week 23 of 52: Tomato and leftover vegetable gratin

15 Jun

I’m still on a vegetable run this week, as I still have a whole pack of cherry tomatoes in the vegetable compartment. I had always wanted to try out this recipe for Cherry Tomatoes and Leftover Vegetable Gratin at Just Bento, and I thought this would be the perfect time to do so.

It really wasn’t at all complicated, just mix everything together and place in a ramekin. I didn’t have any pesto sauce, so I just mixed together the light mayo, cherry tomatoes, and a bit of frozen peas and carrots. I still can’t believe it’s that simple. I sprinkled a bit of grated cheddar on top, along with a dusting of dried oregano and basil.

Here it is, fresh from the toaster oven. It looked simply delicious, and it is! The Man tried it too, but he’s not really a big fan of cooked tomatoes. I served it during lunch and I loved it! I also tried it as baon: dumped the rest of my leftover cherry tomatoes in a bento-friendly cup. Unfortunately I used a different cheese (Edam) and it didn’t work so well.

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