Week 15 of 52: Noriben

15 Apr

It’s back to bento week! I’m trying out what could possibly be the easiest bento to make, the noriben. My source as usual is Just Bento’s noriben tutorial. All you need are four ingredients: freshly cooked rice, nori, soy sauce, and bonito flakes. The first three are probably found in any pantry, but it’s the bonito flakes that might be a little hard to find.

I found this very small pack of bonito flakes at Kombini at Greenhills. It’s 85php (~$1.97) for only 2 grams! It barely made enough to put in my bento.

It’s pretty simple to assemble this bento. Prepare the bonito flakes by sprinkling it with some soy sauce until it’s moist. Put a layer of freshly cooked rice in the bento box, then a thin layer of the bonito flakes/soy sauce mixture, then top with torn pieces of nori. Repeat for another layer. The nice thing here is you can close the box without waiting for the rice too cool down.

Here’s how it looks from the side, so you can see the two layers:

This is what I brought to work this morning. It tasted great! I loved the interaction of the nori and the bonito flakes flavors. It was just a pity that there weren’t a lot of the flakes, I think it would have tasted really awesome if there were a lot of it. Certainly, this is something I’d like to try again, as soon as I get a fresh stock of bonito flakes. I also read somewhere that one can use canned tuna instead of bonito, and canned tuna is much easier to find. I’ll give that a try sometime too!

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