The great cookie quest!

14 Dec

I am in love with cookies, soft and chewy cookies in particular. I have recently attempted to bake cookies myself, in search for Mrs. Fields-esque melty and flavorful chocolate cookies. I’m quite lucky in my first attempt, and now I’m ready to move on to other types of cookies. Here’s a list of links I saw from my RSS feeds that I will attempt soon.

1. Chocolate Chunk Cookies – This is the one I made, and the recipe is from Home Cooking Rocks.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

2. Sugar cut-out cookies – Who doesn’t like cookies in cute shapes? These cookies look like they are absurdly easy to make. The author even has a scaled down version for 3 dozen cookies (the original makes 8-12 dozen!). The nice part here is the sheer amount of customization you can make with decoration and shape. The bad part? It’s made of really just sugar and butter.

Sugar Cut-out Cookies

Photo credit: TheKitchn

3. Brown Sugar Cookies – A “healthier” version of the sugar cookies, since brown sugar and whole wheat flour is used. It can also be shaped and decorated like the Sugar Cut-out Cookies above, although here the author recommends a cream cheese frosting. The only difficulty I see here is the molasses, as I’ve never handled that before.

Brown Sugar Cookies

Photo credit: TheKitchn

4. Chocolate crinkles – Crinkles! Who doesn’t like crinkles? It’s almost ubiquitous, yet rarely can you find really good quality chocolate crinkles. This looks to be a good and simple recipe to try.

Chocolate Crinkles

Photo credit: Joy of Baking

5. Oatmeal cookies – The presence of the oatmeal makes this a nice and crunchy cookie. And healthy too!

Oatmeal Cookie

Photo credit: Joy of Baking

6. Cookie additives – Lastly, here’s a good list of things that you can add into your basic cookie recipe, without interfering with the actual cookie. Adds a whole dimension to cookie baking!


You may note that there’s one kind of cookie I didn’t include, especially when it’s the Christmas season. I really don’t like gingerbread cookies, mostly because of the spices. I find the taste a little jarring, and not really enjoyable to eat. I don’t intend to ever make those.

Do you have a cookie recipe to recommend? Please leave links in the comments section, I will very much appreciate it!


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4 responses to “The great cookie quest!

  1. Clair

    December 19, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    I am not fond of gingerbread cookies myself. Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies rock my world. And I love cinnamon and we ALWAYS have cinnamon in the house so I decided to give cinnamon cookies a try.

    Most cookie recipes I see have a lot of sugar and butter. I am beginning to look for other recipes that won’t be too sugary. One of my friends gave me a recipe that has a note for substituting honey but it would require more flour. Will email it to you if they say it’s ok to share the recipe. 🙂

    Hope to meet you guys one time. After Christmas, probably. It’s hard to schedule meet-ups these days XD

  2. baonkobento

    December 19, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    Re: Cinnamon: I agree! I’ve recently tried out an apple-and-cinnamon mini pie and it turned out pretty delicious! I gave my mom a sample, and suddenly she donated her BIG jar of cinnamon to me. Yay to more future cinnamon pastries!

    I’d love to try those sugarless cookies. I did notice that as well, too much sugar and butter. The hubby has a mighty sweet tooth though, so I’m looking for healthier but still sweet alternatives. Thanks in advance for the recipe!

    Re: meetup: Yeah probably we’ll resume the activities next year. People are busy running around to various other engagements. Looking forward to it!

  3. Clair

    December 28, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Free ingredients = Win! XDDDDDD Cinnamon is a really handy thing to have around 😉

    Let’s hope to catch up soon~!


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