Bento # 12 C is for Chicken and Peppers

19 Oct

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post. Been sort of busy again and have not been able to wake up early to prepare baon.

Anyway here’s a quick one that can be prepared with just a rice cooker. You won’t even need a steamer tray for this.

First, cut up a couple or so of chicken breasts into bite size pieces, and two small bell peppers into small strips. Place them in a sheet of foil paper. No need to pre-marinate the chicken before hand.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper and mix well using hands. Try to coat the chicken pieces well with salt and pepper for more taste. Form the foil paper into a small pouch and make sure it will not leak.

Place the foil pouch onto a prepared and washed rice with the appropriate amount of water. Set the rice cooker to “cook” and leave until the rice is done. Once the rice is done, the chicken and peppers in the foil pouch will be ready as well.

I’ve packed this into a bento, so you can see the finished product. I have peaches and rice on the first level, and all the contents of the foil pouch on the second level. The furikake is sprinkled in the shape of a C.

As again this recipe is from JustBento. Actually at the time I made this chicken and pepper dish, I was missing my cookbook (on which I copied the JustBento recipe). A very big deviation is forgetting to put the sesame oil and soy sauce into the foil pouch before cooking. Even so, the chicken came out moist and flavorful, and I wouldn’t mind preparing it again with just pepper and salt.

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