Bento # 3/4/5 Soy Chicken

24 Aug

I attempted to make soy chicken a few days ago during my rest days, using more or less this recipe. I was fairly faithful to both the ingredient list and the method, with a bit of fumbling with the star anise and the cinnamon. I also used 1.5 white onions instead of 2 scallions, and sake for the dry sherry. The broth smelled heavenly while I was cooking. I used 4 small chicken legs and 4 rather small chicken breast fillets. It came out pretty good, when I ate two of the legs during my lunch featuring somen.

I decided to feature the breast fillets in two bentos, one for me and the other for my daughter, who had a very early morning class because of Linggo ng Wika (Note: linked article is in Filipino; the google translation isn’t that bad, except for Rizal’s quote which turned out to be hilarious).

In Tee’s “Mr. Bear” bento, I put a heart-shaped onigiri, surrounded by slices of half a small tomato, some of the breast fillet, and half a log of tamagoyaki.

I used a 2-tier bento for my baon for that same day. The bottom tier held furikake rice, while the top tier has lettuce lining, one and a half small tomatoes, the other half of the tamagoyaki log, and the rest of the breast fillet. This combination was so good that I decided to make a better-looking salad in my baon the next day.

This time the pre-tossed salad is in the bottom tier, while the top tier had lettuce lining, furikake rice, and two soy chicken legs. Instead of tamagoyaki, I just made a regular 1-egg cheese omelette. It was great! In hindsight though, I could’ve included some kind of salad dressing.


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