Saizen Wipe Out Sale: 15 Days to Go!

15 Aug

Several blogs have mentioned the Wipe Out Sale that Saizen is having for this month of August. I decided to go out and take advantage of this sale. Here are the things I’ve purchased for myself, for Php 58 (~$1.29) each:

I’ve been waffling whether to get these bowls since the start of the sale. I thought, hey why not? I could always use more bowls. And if I go through with my plan of actually using the oven, these are perfect for baked pasta and rice dishes. I bought 3: the blue one for The Man, and pink ones for me and the little princess.

Who doesn’t like high socks?

I found these cute felt bento bands on sale and decided to get both the bunny and the panda. I didn’t get the third one (chicken) because it didn’t really look much like a chicken.

This red bento band was not grouped with the rest, so I didn’t see this until the last moment.

Aside from these, I also bought the following at regular price (Php 85) each:

Yes, more bento bands! Why not? This one is a little less wacky and more “professional” looking.

I had been wanting to get these onigiri molds since the branch in Trinoma opened. Good thing I got it, since it was the last piece.

I bought this jar for the sole purpose of holding a stock of soba sauce. Here you see I already brewed up a batch.

I also bought this new 2-tier bento, which is very small. This will go well with the bento bands I bought.

The thing here is, I didn’t realize that Saizen will be holding a special event on August 20-22 at the Robinson’s Galleria Atrium until I read this. Maybe I could have held out before buying those last 3 items at full price. At present the sale features mostly plastic containers, some crockery and other food receptacles, some beauty items, and other household products.

What have you bought so far?

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