Quest for non-native fruit

12 Aug

I have been following this blog for some time (since around Day 38). It’s an interesting blog that teaches about couponing in the US, and the author’s challenge to himself to live on $1 a day of food. I find it interesting because 1) it’s about someone’s cooking adventures 2) couponing is something that cannot exist in the Philippines and 3) his writing style is engaging and he doesn’t hold back on sharing his experiences, whether bad or good.

One of the things that I like about the blog is the wealth of pictures that he includes. In conjunction with my love for fruit, his pictures have triggered a craving for fruit that are not native to the Philippines. I have been looking around for those, blackberries in particular, but have only found the usual local fruit like watermelons, grapes, bananas, and mangoes. I saw some raspberries in Rustan’s Katipunan but they were selling at Php400 (~$8.88) for a very small package, which was very steep.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law wanted to go to S&R, a large membership-shopping supermarket that carries both local and international products. The Man and I decided to tag along, with him intending to buy ice cream and me intending to scout (and buy) non-native fruit. Lo and behold! They were in fact carrying several kinds of non-native fruit, and I decided to get raspberries and plums.

These came up to Php550 total (~$12.22), which is still pretty steep but I doubt I could find a better price anywhere else. Here they are, unpacked.

So far they work great with my breakfast cereal (yum!). I’m not sure what else I could do with them considering the very small amount I got, but I plan to include them in some future baon. What kind of fruits do you like?

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