More equipment!

26 Jul

I was able to go for a bit of shopping yesterday for some bento equipment. All of these were bought from Saizen, a 100-yen shop at Robinson’s Galleria, where everything is sold at Php85.00. I like Saizen because of the sheer variety of items that they offer.

This is a popsicle mold for four. Since Tesla loves ice cream, I figured I could make her some using this mold. It’s also rather nostalgic, since the kids from my era are used to making homemade ice drops by freezing fruit juice.

This is a nigiri-sushi mold. I am told that my maki were good, so I’m planning to make more. This mold will help me make differently shaped sushi.

I also bought these bento picks. Admittedly this is on the decorative side of making bento, I am hoping also that this will encourage Tesla to eat her packed lunches. This is a set of 50 vegetable-themed picks (actually they are more fork than pick).

Here I displayed the picks along with the opened sushi mold. As far as I can tell, there are five different designs of the picks. Aren’t they adorable?

Originally posted: Jun 14, ’10 2:24 AM

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