New bento boxes!

25 Jul

My newest hobby these days is cooking. Specifically, cooking for packed lunches, also known as bentos. I also like the different types of lunch boxes available out there, and I would like to grow a respectable collection. Prior to this, I had only been using standard plastic containers like Lock n Lock.

I found these beauties at the department store in Trinoma. Who would’ve thought they sold quality bento boxes?

The first box is a two-tiered green box with a hidden compartment for a spoon and fork set. Alternatively you can replace that with chopsticks. The box itself seems pretty sturdy and leak-proof, so there will be no fear even if you put this in your bag along with other belongings.

This second one is a three-tiered pink-and-white set with an accompanying spoon in the first layer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have its own compartment for utensils. However, this is designed to be carried on its own, as the pink part already acts as a carrying handle. As you can see in the picture, the plastic is not that thick.

I am excited to try them out!

Originally posted: May 31, ’10 4:28 AM

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